Art Meets Light

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Recently I took one of my VIDA scarves to visit its mother (aka the original artwork it was based on.) My three Flying Lessons artworks are part of the Art-in-Common exhibition at the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art in Altoona. Danielle and I had some fun with my camera and talked about the challenges of hanging and displaying art.


Here I am using my scarf to hide holiday weight gain!


Now I’m trying to be a moth!


Seriously though, I enjoyed seeing my artwork for the first time displayed in the gallery windows, with the light streaming through. I had hoped that Barb and Danielle would find the right spot for them and they went beyond my expectations!


As an artist it is always scary to try something new and realize that there will be missteps along the way (my basement is full of them.) As I experimented with laminating my fabric artworks onto acrylic panels and trying out other acrylic gels and paints, I was intrigued by this new direction. As I now reflect on these three ‘translucent’ fabric experiments, I realize that I probably am not completely done with all of them. It will be exciting to push the limits of what will happen next: additional layers; possibly light boxes behind them. Like life, they are works in progress!


Thanks Barb and Danielle for helping me to see what you saw!

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