If I must place myself in a category as an artist, I would say that I am a Mixed Media Fiber artist.  My primary focus is creating artworks on fabric and related fiber media.  This includes wall hangings, quilts, prints and paintings.  Techniques that I currently use are painting and printing on fabric; mixed media collage; machine and hand stitching.

I have been an artist all of my life.  There was never doubt about what path I would pursue.  As a child I drew on every available piece of paper and surface.  Outdoors, there was always mud to draw with and found sticks, leaves and pods to form into objects.  In 6th grade I was selected by my art teacher to attend Saturday morning art classes that were being formed for children with a special interest in art.  It was in these classes, which I took for 6 years, that I really began to develop my abilities and love of art.

With the guidance and support of my family, friends and teachers I majored in fine arts in both college and graduate school.  My areas of emphasis included drawing, painting, fiber arts and printmaking.  For several years after college, I worked for a small chain of craft stores as an advertising manager and instructor.  It was there that I learned about every craft and art product available.  It tapped into my lifelong philosophy that almost anything could be drafted into service as a fine arts medium.  It was also there that I realized that I enjoyed teaching.  After earning my teaching credentials, I worked initially as a museum education curator and then became an art teacher at a public high school. During my twenty-some years of teaching both beginning nd advanced students, I have come to love art even more.  To help students develop the skills and confidence to create a work of art and then to see the sense of accomplishment in their face is priceless.

My Subject Matter

My choice of subject matter is very eclectic.  It is inspired by my close ties to family and home, as well as my interest in the spiritual art of various time periods and cultures. It is inspired by natural shapes and textures, as well as the quest to experiment and engage in creative play.  It is inspired by dreams and emotions, as well as the cycles of nature and the earth.

To help you to better understand the artworks presented on my website, I have provided comments for each image.