Circle of Life

Last summer we watched as a pair of robins built a nest under our porch and then patiently waited for the baby robins to hatch. Ever so diligently, the parent robins fed and tended the babies. Eventually they were big and strong enough to fly away on their own.  As is the habit of young […]

Dogs & Cats: Before and After

A big part of my purpose for my blog is sharing my process.  Below you will see 2 paintings I recently painted for our local animal shelter.  Both paintings began with a blue under-painting. This goes back to a fear of the blank, white canvas.  To me, once a color or a mark has been […]

Two for One

Whenever I am printing deconstructed silkscreens, I can always count on at least two good, but different prints.  They are my fraternal twin prints! I usually select one to develop first and then tuck the other one away for later inspiration.  The second-born print will become part of another concept, usually with other other ‘in […]

Remembering Annie in Art

Once again, Annie, our beagle has been captured sniffing out art! This time it is a portrait of her. I think this was actually the first artwork of Annie that I did.  It was started as a painting demonstration that I did for a class. I was always glad that I had captured the funny […]

Gargoyle Camouflage

In my last post I had selected a gargoyle image that I had transferred to fabric.  After adding some acrylic embellishments and burning away some unwanted areas, I decided to further alter the image.  I cut it up!  This gave me some additional collage pieces to work with that visually connected to the original whole […]

Creative Play

Sometimes I just like to try out new techniques with fabric and see where it takes me.  Above is a fabric that I created from photocopy images.  With a little acrylic varnish, some light weight polyester fabric and a lot of soaking and scrubbing, I was able to transfer photo images to fabric.  (I will […]

Bucket-list Moment!

I am thrilled to announce that one of my mixed media fiber artworks, “Full Moon Turtle Waltz,” is included in the book, Incite 3  The Art of Storytelling! This is a true bucket-list moment in my life.  In the book, you will see a color reproduction of the artwork and the story behind it.  Also […]

Finishing Touches

The printing is all done!  Now it’s time to wait for a few days for the dye to ‘cold cure.” Below is a closeup of one of the trout prints.  After the dye cured, I rinsed and washed the whole cloth.  The fabric was then laminated with acrylic varnish to a large canvas.  This gives […]

“Guardians of Little Toy Soldiers”

The creek near our home has been, at times, a gathering place for little lads and their assorted ephemera of toys and pails and such.  The elusive trout are their constant companions.  Try as they might, the children find fish hard to catch.  The fish always seem to elude the grasps of the boys.  Once […]