Remembering Annie in Art

Once again, Annie, our beagle has been captured sniffing out art! This time it is a portrait of her. I think this was actually the first artwork of Annie that I did.  It was started as a painting demonstration that I did for a class. I was always glad that I had captured the funny […]

One More Fish Tale

I’m thinking ….. yellow background! Next place some paper fish stencils on the freshly printed yellow. Place a silkscreen frame on top, print some crazy colors, lift screen and voila! Lift up the paper stencils.  (Note to self- save these for later use!) Now what?  Make a silkscreen with some fish outlines and print! The […]

Backgrounds for Fish

This really does sort of look like a mess!  I laid some shredded paper down on fresh paper and silk screened dye paste on top of it.  Then I removed the shredded paper. My usual solution for a creative problem is to ‘add more stuff.’ That stuff was some leaves from the yellow wood tree.  […]

A Sampling of Prints on Paper

Here are a few of my vanishing prints on paper.  The pears above were done with multiple silkscreen frames (like the lettuce in the previous post.) Below you will see 2 prints from the same silkscreen.  You can easily see how the image changes each time you print it.  I think I may add some […]