Inspired by Sunshine

Inspired by Sunshine

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One of the things I enjoy about being a ‘Teaching Artist’ for the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art is the variety of people I get to meet and work with. Every residency is a unique and rewarding experience. Last summer my SAMA liaison, Jess Campbell, and I met with other board members of the Carrolltown […]

Rethinking the Q Word

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Recently I was joined by a group of artists from around Pennsylvania to celebrate the opening of an exhibition of our art at the Bottle Works in Johnstown, PA. This was no different from any other gallery opening: people gathered to look at and talk about the art on exhibit: light refreshments; people taking pictures. […]

Making it My Own

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Downsizing and moving into a new home is a daunting task. Trying to make sense of how I wanted to set up my new studio space seemed overwhelming. Since unpacking and setting up our living spaces was first on our list, my designated studio area sat like this (and the next picture) for quite a […]

Print and Play

So what is this you might ask? The brand name is Gelli and it is a soft, flexible printing block. Very cool, but a little expensive (for the size.) Years ago when I was teaching printmaking, I used to make baking pans full of clear gelatin to take into school for my students to print […]

Block Printing 101

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Recently when I was delivering this artwork to a show, someone asked me how I had made it. Like the artist pack rat that I am, I replied, “Oh, it’s a collage from prints that I found in my studio.” Those of you who are artists yourselves know exactly what I am referring to. That […]

Art Meets Light

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Recently I took one of my VIDA scarves to visit its mother (aka the original artwork it was based on.) My three Flying Lessons artworks are part of the Art-in-Common exhibition at the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art in Altoona. Danielle and I had some fun with my camera and talked about the challenges of […]

Right Under My Nose

Earlier this fall, I was reorganizing my studio space (aka basement.) and I found some forgotten jars of Versatex fabric silkscreen ink. This find inspired me to experiment with some paper and pre-cut stencils.  Supplies include: newsprint, plastic stencils, Bondo scrapers (and other random plastic cards), silkscreen frames, masking tape, cotton fabric, plates and spoons. […]

Freebie Friday!

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As I announced on Facebook this week, I am giving away 4 of my original VIDA scarves today! Just review the 4 scarves below and select the one that you want. Look for the Leave a Reply area at the bottom of the blog. Type your name and e-mail address in the required fields. Then type […]

Wearable Art!

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The following images will show you the 4 artworks that I have selected to be reinterpreted into scarves for VIDA. Twilight Fish: the original artwork is deconstructed silkscreen with fiber reactive dyes on paper. Below is the scarf version. Turtle Waltz: the original artwork is deconstructed silkscreen with fiber reactive dyes on cotton with additional […]

The Five Last Pins

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I always breathe a sigh of relief when I get to the last 5 pins on a quilt.  This means that the quilt is almost to a stage where it won’t fall apart…and I’ll quit randomly sticking myself with pins as I sew! The construction of this quilt seems to parallel the many small milestones […]