Colleen and Annie: It All Comes Together

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The last stage for this artwork was to assemble the various fabric layers and to embellish the image with free-motion machine stitching.  For those of you not familiar with free-motion stitching it is simply adjusting your sewing machine so you can move your stitching in any direction.  I basically think of it as drawing with a sewing machine.

Below you can see the three layers that make up this project: the raw canvas background, a thin layer of cotton batting, and the top painted layer.


You will notice that I have cut the batting a little smaller than the top fabric.  I planned on creating a ‘raw-edge’ applique effect as I embellished with the sewing machine stitches.


Also, you will notice the numerous pins that held everything together as I sewed everything together.  The more pins the better, although they become the bane of my existence as I keep forgetting where they are as I sew. OUCH!!! I know some of you are wondering why I don’t use a fusible webbing product to hold everything together.  I have and do use such products on occasion. Sometimes though on thin fabrics an unwanted texture shows through the white areas.

Below you can see some of the various sewing effects I use for creating textures, color variations, and linear designs.


With a combination of thread colors, various directions of stitching and layers of stitching, Colleen and Annie are now completed.  What is missing in a photo is the slight quilted effect that was created with the middle layer of batting.  A few stitched areas were lightly brushed with some acrylic to blend some tones.


This artwork was finally mounted over foam core board and framed under glass.

I appreciate your taking the time to share my artistic journey and I hope you will join me for my next mixed media adventure!


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  1. Sharon
    August 29, 2015

    Very cool lesson. Keep up the good work


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