Colleen and Annie: Painting with Dye Paste

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Now I’m ready to let loose with my dye paste!  Like any other painter, I have a full selection of flats, rounds and filbert brushes to use when painting with my dye paste colors.  I usually prefer a more stiff bristled brush so that the dye paste really grabs the fabric.  Also like any other type of painter, I use a palette, usually on old dinner dish or a plastic palette to mix colors on.  Note: I only use small amounts of dye paste at a time as it dries quickly.  The technique is very much like watercolor, in that you can’t really correct mistakes….at least not at this stage.  In the picture below you can see some of my color test smears along the side of the fabric.


Colleen and Annie are shown below in progress, with a few accidental slips and blobs of dye here and there. Nothing that can’t be touched up later with machine stitches and/or some opaque fabric paint!


The image becomes more fully developed below.


Once the painting is complete it will be cured with the Quickfix chemical, then washed and dried as described in the previous post.  Then I will begin work on creating a separate background fabric, before I sew all the layers together.


So as I end this post, the Colleen and Annie fabric painting has been fixed, washed, ironed and trimmed in preparation for the sewing stage of the artwork.

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