Countdown to Freedom

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Sometime in June, I will be passing on the torch (room keys) to a new art teacher and retiring from my career as a public school art teacher.  My in-progress art quilt above will be a self portrait of sorts.  The War Horse is me and all of the little patches of fabric represent the many small victories I’ve won in the classroom.  These are the victories of students’ gains such as respect for themselves, work ethic, and creative growth, as well as victories in art awareness and advocacy within my school.  Below are some closeups of some of my ‘patches of honor’ (including all the pins currently holding it all together.)

I will be sharing the finishing stages with you throughout the spring.


The thrown gauntlet!


Queen Bee!  One of my oldest ‘personal symbols.’


Of course the holy grail of art!


My closeup!

Once I start sewing all these little pieces of fabric on, I’ll give you a count of just how many there are.

Wish me luck and hope for an early spring!

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  1. Mother
    February 2, 2016

    Sharon…you really are a workhorse …Stop straining your eyes right now….Your quilt is beautiful and I love it and I love you too.


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