Creative Play


Sometimes I just like to try out new techniques with fabric and see where it takes me.  Above is a fabric that I created from photocopy images.  With a little acrylic varnish, some light weight polyester fabric and a lot of soaking and scrubbing, I was able to transfer photo images to fabric.  (I will show that process at another time!) This is an imperfect process…just the type of thing I like!  Where the image does not transfer you have white fabric.  I decided to burn some of it off with a wood burning tool.  If you try this yourself, please do it outdoors.  It really smells!


Here I’ve removed the burned out piece of fabric.

Next how about some embellishments with acrylic lines and dots!


Looking around at other fabrics that I’ve created, I decide to add another player to my creative play. This fabric had great expressive lines of color, but a dead zone in the center. I’ve attached it to a small canvas and am looking for color ideas.


I’ve decided that it’s going to get another gargoyle image on fabric added to it.


We’ll see how well the two fabrics play together in my next post!

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