Dogs & Cats: Before and After

A big part of my purpose for my blog is sharing my process.  Below you will see 2 paintings I recently painted for our local animal shelter.  Both paintings began with a blue under-painting. This goes back to a fear of the blank, white canvas.  To me, once a color or a mark has been made on the canvas the artist’s dialog with the artwork can begin.  I am more of a dog person, but I did enjoy painting a cat (although it’s face at one point did look like Ricky Gervais!)


In progress, showing some of the under-painting. (Yes, that is a laundry basket behind the painting – no fancy art studio here.)


Completed painting.


In progress.

Liking the expressive brush strokes, but knew its intended audience would appreciate something more realistic.


Finished dog painting.  I guess its no accident that there is a resemblance here to Annie the Beagle!

Hope these will help inspire people to adopt a shelter animal! I wouldn’t have any other kind!!!


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