Finishing Touches


The printing is all done!  Now it’s time to wait for a few days for the dye to ‘cold cure.”

Below is a closeup of one of the trout prints.  After the dye cured, I rinsed and washed the whole cloth.  The fabric was then laminated with acrylic varnish to a large canvas.  This gives the fabric a rich, wet look.


I was curious to see how toy soldiers would look with the fish on this artwork, so I literally laid out a little army of these plastic toys.



I decided that they were just what I wanted to ‘tell the story.’

Next, I took various closeup photos of each soldier pose and color.  Then after printing out photos, I had them color photocopied.  In this way I got a stronger, more permanent color for the collage technique I had planned.

After lots of careful cutting, I used gel medium to collage the toy soldier images onto my fabric/collage/canvas artwork.  Final touches of acrylic stains gave both the soldiers and other parts of the artwork unity.

Below is the completed artwork!

Guardians for web

Look for some exciting news in my next post!  It’s a “bucket-list” moment!

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