Gargoyle Camouflage


In my last post I had selected a gargoyle image that I had transferred to fabric.  After adding some acrylic embellishments and burning away some unwanted areas, I decided to further alter the image.  I cut it up!  This gave me some additional collage pieces to work with that visually connected to the original whole fabric.  Above I am auditioning some of these cut pieces to see where they may visually work best.


Here I’m using a nice thick layer of acrylic gel medium to adhere the gargoyle image.  I find painters tape gives me a general guide to follow for where I want to apply the gel.


Layers and layers of gargoyle fabrics.


Since I can rarely let well enough alone…I’ve also decided to add some textured rice papers to the gargoyle collage!


This gargoyle has definitely become part of the background..sort of like camouflage.

It’s been a good day for creative play!



  1. Patti Sell
    October 26, 2015

    I love the colors and the gargoyle Sharon.

  2. Patti Sell
    October 26, 2015

    I love the whole thing Sharon.

    • Sharon
      October 26, 2015

      Thanks! It was fun to do!


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