“Guardians of Little Toy Soldiers”

The creek near our home has been, at times, a gathering place for little lads and their assorted ephemera of toys and pails and such.  The elusive trout are their constant companions.  Try as they might, the children find fish hard to catch.  The fish always seem to elude the grasps of the boys.  Once the children are gone, their forgotten items sink to bottom of the creek bed and become part of the trouts’ domain. I wanted to create an artwork that blended images of the trout in the creek with images that would represent the ‘children of the creek.’ Little plastic toy soldiers seemed the perfect symbol for the ‘little army of boys.’

The artwork that you will see develop over my next few posts will take you through the evolution of my artwork, Guardians of Little Toy Soldiers.


I sketched a number of brown trout and then copied them in various sizes.


Here is the composition I’ve decided on.  The creek rocks in the sketch hopefully will create a suggested grotto.


Lots of silkscreens were painted with dye paste and allowed to dry before I began printing them on cotton fabric.


Here is the silkscreen with the rocks painted with dye paste.


And so the printing begins.  Believe me, when this stage begins I won’t be answering any phones or doors!  This is ART time!!!

In the next post, you’ll see where this is all going.

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