Lettuce Anyone?

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As promised today’s theme is lettuce! One of the assignments I like to give my advanced students is to create an artwork based on a fruit or vegetable.  They must sketch it both whole and in parts in order to discover a variety of ways of looking at an object.  Along with sketching from life, taking photographs from a variety of view points is part of the assignment.  (These visual references also come in handy when the fruits and veggies begin to go bad!)  Above is a sketch I drew of some leaf lettuce.  Photos are also helpful as references for possible color choices and combinations.


Here is my studio set-up with bottles of dye print paste.  I traced my sketch onto clear plastic with my trusty Sharpie.  This gives me a reference for under my elevated silkscreen, as well as providing me with the option of reversing the reference image.

The silkscreen sits on two wooden risers as I work so there is a vague reference underneath for me to see…but not necessarily follow exactly!


These 2 screens above have lettuce leaves painted with various color schemes.  The next photo below will show yet another screen with just an outline painted. I like to have lots of options ready for when I begin to print. As mentioned before these painted screens are allowed to dry completely before they are reactivated during printing.


This last picture shows the lettuce leaves printed on cotton paper.  Additional prints were collaged on for this version of the lettuce leaves design.


Whenever you need a new idea, or a healthy snack, just head for the produce department!


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