An Introduction to My Blog and My Artistic Process


I have dedicated most of my life to making art and teaching art.  With this blog I hope to allow others to join me in the artistic inspiration, process and materials that I use both in my own art and in teaching others.

I simply describe my preferred art media as mixed fiber and acrylic.  I frequently begin my art on cotton fabric with fiber-reactive dye paste.  After the image begins to develop, I make the decision to either proceed with fabric techniques, such as machine quilting to create a wall hanging, or to laminate the fabric to stretched canvas and proceed with acrylic media and collage.  For this reason my work is often hard to categorize, a fact that can be both frustrating and freeing.

Often I draw from my own family for inspiration for artworks.  After 25 years of doing so they almost run and hide when they see me coming with my camera.  You will see some of them featured in my blog.

I also am an avid gardener and observer of the creatures that inhabit our yard, woods and creek.  These too are sources of inspiration for me.

As one who enjoys art history, I also sometimes reference images or concepts from other time periods and cultures.

For me a good day is an eclectic day, when multiple art media and multiple visual sources meld into one artwork.


Above, Birdman as an art quilt.  Below, Birdman 13 as fabric and acrylic on canvas.


Look for posts 1-2 times a week, as I hope to share my mixed media journeys with you!


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