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Of course my last 2 months of teaching had to be busier that the whole previous 7!  That’s why I’m just now filling you in on the progress of my ‘retirement’ quilt.

Of course I just had to add a finishing embellishment.  I like the look of foiling so I turned to one of my favorite products… Jones Tones foil and glue.  I poured some of the glue onto a plate, dipped one side of a wooden cutout into it and then stamped the glue onto some hand dyed fabric.  You can see the glue in various stages of drying on the fabric above.


Of course though I some how lost the lid….but some tape will do the trick until I feel like crawling under my work table in the basement to look for it.

Anyway, once the glue has set, the next step is placing a piece of the metallic foil on top of the glue.  I used the back of a wooden spoon to help press the glue and fabric together.


Here is one of the 4 medallion designs I will use on my quilt. I like the fact that each one will be a little different!


Next it was time to add some binding to the quilt.  Since I had used navy blue fabric for the outer edge of my quilt, I bought navy blue quilt binding.  Of course they didn’t match!


Just like life, sometimes you just have to embrace the challenge.  My solution was some loop-da-loop stitching! Not really sure if that is a real term, but here it is…all around the border.


Next is a preview of how these two final embellishments are going to work together.


Look for the final quilt in about 2 weeks…and of course, I’ll be celebrating retirement by then!

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  1. Mary
    May 22, 2016

    I love this! I can’t wait to see the final piece!


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