Rethinking the Q Word

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Recently I was joined by a group of artists from around Pennsylvania to celebrate the opening of an exhibition of our art at the Bottle Works in Johnstown, PA.

This was no different from any other gallery opening: people gathered to look at and talk about the art on exhibit: light refreshments; people taking pictures. During the gallery talk portion of the reception, each artist spoke eloquently about their themes, styles and techniques for their artworks.

I’m sure you have an image at this point of what the event was like, or do you?

What if I said it was an exhibition of quilts?

Now what is the image in your mind? Depending on your frame of reference, you most likely would think about a traditional quilt that you might have on your bed. Would it surprise you to consider that a quilt could be an artwork?

Some people might be surprised to learn that for decades now, a growing number of artists have been adopting traditional quilt techniques (such as sewing and layering fabrics) into their original artworks.

So who are the artists represented in the exhibit at the Bottle Works? They belong to the Pennsylvania Chapter of the Studio Art Quilt Associates, (an international organization dedicated to promoting art quilts.) I am very proud to count myself as a member.

The following is a ‘closer look’ from some of the art quilts in the show. I zoomed in to focus on many of the creative uses of fiber techniques found in these artworks. I hope these tempt you to see the whole pieces in the Eye of the Needle art quilt show for yourself! (Now thru January 4th.)



  1. Diane
    December 7, 2018

    I saw the show accompanied by my friend SHARON. It is a fantastic show and I encourage you to see it for yourself

  2. Nanette Anslinger
    December 7, 2018

    So glad the show was extended so that we’ll have a chance to see it after Christmas.

  3. Libby
    December 9, 2018

    True words. It is a very interesting ART show of a wide range of themes and imagery expressed thru the use of textiles and other natural (and unnatural) materials, hand work, photographic and dyeing techniques. The show is a primer on possibilities and what is happening in art quilts today. Students and collectors alike will enjoy it. It was an honor to have a piece this super venue. Thanks SAQA PA!


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