Right Under My Nose


Earlier this fall, I was reorganizing my studio space (aka basement.) and I found some forgotten jars of Versatex fabric silkscreen ink. This find inspired me to experiment with some paper and pre-cut stencils.  Supplies include: newsprint, plastic stencils, Bondo scrapers (and other random plastic cards), silkscreen frames, masking tape, cotton fabric, plates and spoons. My printing surface is padded with batting and covered with fabric and plastic. For some of you this probably looks like a real mess, but for me it is creative fun.


Since I only had on hand a small amount of ink, I thinned it somewhat with the extender.  This allowed me to also create some interesting overlays of color.  I also discovered that while the inks were still wet on the fabric, I could scrape into them. This allowed me to be able to push color around (such a power trip!), make lines in it and to reveal underneath colors.


Placing stencils under the fabric also resulted in interesting textures. Not wanting to miss out on using up any of the ink, I also created ‘ghost’ prints with excess ink on stencil surfaces.



Not sure yet which end is up on this piece of fabric. I think it is destined to be an art quilt.  Definitely ordering some more inks and printing more fabric this fall.

You just never know what might be hiding behind a bin, under a table or right under your nose!


  1. Frank Hockett
    January 19, 2017

    Very interesting piece of work. Gives me some ideas for a mixed media/ abstract piece.
    Love the bold colors.

    • Sharon Wall
      January 19, 2017

      Thanks! Have fun with your project!


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