Sketching for Print Ideas

Blog-Calla-Lilly-Sketch-1 Blogcalla-lilly-sketch


Sketching for the silkscreen process of ‘vanishing prints’ is mostly a matter of capturing loose contour and gestural lines.  I try not to fall in love with any specific line, but try for ‘mark making’ and the essence of shapes and forms.  I usually go through about 10 – 15 large sheets of newsprint at a time.  Just me and my Sharpie pen looking inspiration.

This particular subject was a calla lily that I had just bought and planted in a pot.  Normally I take some pride in my gardening abilities, but this poor calla lily seemed doomed from the beginning.  It never flourished, and only bloomed once or twice.  Good thing I drew it as soon as I got it.  Below is what it looked like when I sketched it.

Blog-Calla-Lilly Blog-calla-detail

Here are two resulting ‘vanishing prints’ on paper that originated from my sketching.

The first one below had some additional (blue) pastel added to the final print.


The one below was printed from several different screens.


Next time we’ll look at a lettuce leaf!  (No, this is not turning into a cooking blog)

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