The Rest of the Pieces

Posted by on May 5, 2019 in Art Quilts | 2 Comments

Last September I blogged about beginning my fabric collage of our dog, Sadie. Over the winter and early spring, I worked on this art quilt in between several other projects. As my palette of fabrics began to grow out of control, I vowed to complete Sadie by March.

My last post had shown how the image of the dog began. Now I want to share some of my experiments in deciding on the background and the final image. In my original photo of Sadie, she was captured laying on one of her original ‘couch-scapes’ that included several bunched up pillows and blankets. That made me decide to incorporate various patterns, colors and values into the background. Then there was also my preoccupation with several weird fabric motifs (wood slices anyone?) Anyway, in the following pics you can see some of my fabric auditions as well as the final piece.

BTW the red floral fabric is my fabric design for the SAQA Andover Mills Twilight Collection.

Lots of pins visible here. Still thinking about what I wanted to do with the hip area…too flat.

Next picture shows how I create designs by combining cut out motifs.

I was eventually inspired by dog fur ‘swirls’ to create the spiral design on Sadie’s hip.

The final Sadie Girl!




  1. Nanette Anslinger
    May 6, 2019

    Soooo intricate. I’m a little timid about taking your workshop this weekend….

    • Sharon Wall
      May 6, 2019

      Not to worry! Nothing intricate.


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