Two for One

Baby Robins

Whenever I am printing deconstructed silkscreens, I can always count on at least two good, but different prints.  They are my fraternal twin prints! I usually select one to develop first and then tuck the other one away for later inspiration.  The second-born print will become part of another concept, usually with other other ‘in limbo’ art. (I have a basement full of this type!)

The print above of these three baby robins was inspired by a photo that our daughter, Colleen, had taken.  The nest was precariously balanced under our neighbor’s porch. Eventually this artwork made it’s way to my brother-in-law’s home in Ohio, (about 10 years ago.)

Recently I pulled out it’s un-identical twin ( I know this is an oxymoron) and combined it with another print in a mixed media artwork.  Below is the evolution of this new work.

First I auditioned a number of deconstructed silkscreen prints and planned some design strategies.

This little robin had also been a twin.


Above is the twin of the baby robins print!

Below is my art journal for planning.


Now the final is composition ready to assemble.


The canvas was stained with bronze acrylic paint.  Then rice paper was collaged with matte medium.


Each layer was attached the same way.

Nice squiggle of matte medium below. (Too bad I had to smooth it out!)


Below the finished artwork, “Circle of Life!”

Circle of Life

Two twin prints come to life as two different artworks.


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