“War Horse” Triumphs!

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So many stitches, so many students, so many precious moments.  When I look closely at my finished ‘retirement’ quilt, “War Horse,” I can easily recall various time periods in my teaching life.  With the exception of the horse image, all the additional fabrics are gleaned from my remnant bins.  Some are fabric dyes, others are fabric prints.  Some are experiments gone awry, some are parts of larger images.


Close inspection reveals a little bit of madness in the stitching. The imagery is somewhat medieval: a horse dressed for battle is not common these days.  But of course it’s all part of my personal symbolism. I’ve chosen one of my favorite animals and led it into the battle of life.


At some point the gauntlet was thrown, and the battles were won. It’s all bits and pieces of myself!


Finally, it represents a closure on one part of my life and a new beginning of another.  Onward marches the War Horse!

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