What are Vanishing Prints?

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Today I thought I would briefly show you a technique that I use for many of my artworks on paper and fabric.  It is technically called deconstructed silkscreen, but I like to also refer to it as vanishing prints. I use the same thickened dye paste for these prints as I do for directly painting on fabric.  In the next few photos you can see the basic steps of applying the dye paste (either with an applicator or a brush, or both) to a silkscreen, and then when your image is dry, printing it.  Your image gradually vanishes each time you print.  And the best part, each print you make will be different!


This sample shows the spiral design printed three times on the same paper.  The original colors of the image mingle with the clear dye paste to create a background color.

I love the element of surprise as well as the design challenges  of this unpredictable silkscreen process!

In my next posts I will share more about some of my techniques with vanishing prints on paper.


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